Our Services

Custom Products


Wanda Liz Art specialize in Custom Products for                     entrepreneurs, schools and                     people passionate of art.     


3D Printing                   

We offer 3D modeling services & 3D printing , architectural designs and 2D drawings.



Croquis it is a sketchy design or drawing showing in simplified form an image or idea .

Wanda Liz Art gives you the freedom you want to choose  all the details of the house of  your dreams.¬†


3D Classes

In our 3D Modeling & Printing program students will learn how to model, texture, export, and print 3D Models.

Students will use the our  incredibly powerful software , to design their models.

Then, at the end of class, each student will be able to print their favorite model themselves, using our 3D Printer


Custom Decals

Our high quality vinyl car stickers and decals can be used on car windows, truck windows, car paint, boats, helmets and MORE ...